7. District Legal Services Authority

( District Legal Services Authority )
Shri Ranjit Kumar Bag, District Judge, Malda is the Chairman , D.L.S.A., Malda, Shri Sabyachai Chattoraj , Civil Judge (Sr. Dvn), Malda is the Member Secretary , D.L.S.A., Malda.
Activities of the D.L.S.A. Malda.

During the year 2010, the D.L.S.A., Malda organised 14 (fourteen) Lok Adalats on Sundays comprising 18 (eighteen) Benches of Lok Adalat. Lok Adalats were held beside the Court Campus, in villages for recovery of outstanding Bank's Loan to render justice at the door step of the borrower. On 04.07.2010 , Lok Adalat was held in the Kaliachak Girl's High School, comprising 4 (four) Benches : And On 05.09.2010, Lok Adalat was held in the R.N.Roy Girl's High School, Bulbulchandi comprising 3 (three) Benches. During the year under report, 223 (two hundred twentythree) post-litigation suits/cases were disposed of and 330 (threehundred thirty) Pre-litigation matters (Bank Loan recovery) were amicably settled. Out of 223 (two hundred twentythree) post-litigation suits/cases, 22 (twentytwo) cases were disposed of by the Sitting Judges in the Daily Lok Adalat.
Legal Literacy & Legal awerness Camps.

During the year under report, 19 (nineteen) Legal Literacy & Legal Awerness Camps in the rural villages were organized and held.
Legal Aid Applications.

During the year under report, 107 applications were received and granted 107 (one hundred seven). DURING THE YEAR 2011 From January to March, 25.03.2011. Activities of the D.l.S.A., Malda. During the period under report, Lok Adalats were held on 4 (four) Sundays comprising 11 (eleven) Benches. On 2 (two) Sundays , Lok Adalats were held in rural villages comprising 8 (eight) Benches for recovery of Bank's Loan to render Justice at the door-steps of the borrowers. During the period under report, 525 (five hundred twentyfive) pre-litigation matters ( Bank's Loan Recovery) and post-litigation cases 48 (fortyeight) were disposed of. LEGAL LITERACY AND LEGAL AWERNESS CAMPS were organized and held in rural villages : 7 (seven). Legal Aid Applications : During the period under report was received 22 (twentytwo) and granted 22 (twentytwo) Legal Aid Clinic is functioning in the District Correctional home, Malda, and a lawyer sits there by rotation for rendering legal aid/advice to the U.T.P.(s) Legal Aid Clinic shall also function in the Court premises in near future. Meditation Centre shall also be opened and shall function in the coming months.